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We have made it our goal to operate more sustainably and to use more renewable commodities in order to make our contribution stopping climate change.


With our new company UNICO Clean Energy LLC, we are building a new division focused on sustainability and renewable energy. We strive to achieve goals such as.

  • Establish a Green Subsidiary targeting Assets and Services
  • Gain Exposure to Green and Fossil fuel related Energy M&A Activity
  • Expand Asset Base, Commercial Relationships & Service Offerings
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Wind & Solar Energy Parks

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EV Charging Infrastructure

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Other Renewable Energies – Hydro-, Tidal-, Geothermal- & Biomass Energies

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LNG & CPG Infrastructure

Our services are

  • Establishing renewable energy projects in USA, Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Pursue EV charging infrastructure in the USA
  • Offer fixed price or capped long-term power to attract customers
  • Build carbon credits desk and gather length from small trade partners
  • Fee-based natural gas optimization offering
  • Consider picking up discarded fossil fuel assets