Our good personal connections are our most valuable asset. That’s why we always honor and respect them in everything we do.

United Fuel Supply Caribbean LLC has been completely rebranded and will now go by the new names of USA-based UNICO Commodities LLC. The individual units have also been renamed: UNICO Trading LLC, UNICO Logistics LLC – includes formerly Gulf Energy Transport and UNICO Retail LLC, formerly RCV Petroleum LLC.

About us

Our versatile portfolio is supported by a diverse team with a far-reaching skill set. Each team member is an expert in their field and exceptional at what they do. Together, we are UNICO. What unites us is a common drive - our commitment and our passion. We stand by our word and prioritize trust in all interactions with our customers, team members and partners. We believe that a foundation built on trust is key to long-term success. What’s more, because we really focus on our customers and their unique individual needs, we take business personally - quite literally.


We are committed to sustainability. Though we do business in dynamic markets and depend on rapid decision-making, we’re always thinking about tomorrow. We care deeply about the future of our children and the planet, which is why we strive always to take a long-term, sustainable view and to act responsibly at all times. Our focus is on creating enduring, trusting customer and employee relationships in compliance with the highest ethical standards. UNICO is acutely aware of the environmental challenges the world is currently facing and sees itself as an active steward taking steps to protect and preserve the environment. All our operations are in line with environmental protection regulations. What’s more, we’re always looking for opportunities and initiatives to help contribute to a cleaner environment. In addition, we invest and actively seek out opportunities to invest in renewable technologies and carbon capture initiatives.

Safety is an UNICO core value. We are committed to safeguarding our employees, contractors, customers and the communities in which we operate at all times. Our visionary goal of zero injuries and incidents is grounded in a strong safety culture. UNICO delivers on this commitment by means of structured and effective management systems, training and awareness for our workforce, as well as ongoing efforts to find innovative ways of achieving safe, reliable and environmentally friendly operations.


We are proud of every single member of our diverse, international and continually expanding team. Find out more about the UNICO team here: